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About Justin

Justin Dine was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania with one younger sister.  He grew up in a blue collar family, his father worked in the same factory until they moved the operation to Mexico and his mother worked clerical jobs.  From the age of 12 he always had summer jobs, from soliciting neighbors for work to working on neighboring farms to stocking shelves.   Growing up he was very active in Sports, Boy Scouts and Youth group.

After graduating from High School, he was self employed in construction before going to college.  He started college at Penn State Behrend. While there he volunteered as a youth leader in the church and was active with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.  After 2 years He moved to Branson, MO and attended College of the Ozarks "Hard Work U", where he literally shoveled coal in a boiler to pay for his education.  While in college Justin went overseas and worked with Hellenistic Ministries and started a media department for them.  Justin also worked on 2 national TV specials from Branson for PBS.  Upon graduating, he worked as a mechanic / electrician for an amphibious tour company and worked in a recording studio in the evening.  Soon afterword he bought the studio and through his leadership saw at least 20% growth every year.    Justin has been married for 13 years to the love of his life, Paula.   Together they have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Later on, Justin worked for Gary McSpadden Ministries and started a TV show with him.  It was broadcast on TCT network.  He also found time to help his wife with her business that she owned. Ten years ago, he felt the Lord telling him to move to Broken Arrow to attend Rhema Bible College.   He and Paula both graduated from Rhema and still serve there regularly.  Since moving to Broken Arrow, Justin has been working for Directv / AT&T for 9 years.  He regularly gets recognized for his outstanding work ethic and customer care.  In 2013 he was one of only 12 employees working Directv to be selected for an inaugural leadership training class.  Last year, Paula and Justin bought a music school in Broken Arrow where Paula is now the director.  The Dine's haven't stopped there, they are in the process of purchasing another business

He is an avid reader, enjoying non-fiction, business, history, and political books.  He spends time doing self evaluation to continue internal growth.  

Justin has experienced life's highs and lows.  He has had to start over and regroup.  Through those times, he understands the struggles of Oklahoma families and empathizes with them.    Justin understands how decisions made at the State Capitol can affect the average person.  Justin is a principled man who believes in doing the right thing all the time even if it costs him.

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Justin Dine for Oklahoma State House District 12 2020
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